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"Copyright dogmatism wins a battle, not the war"

Submitted by Bernardo Parrella on Sat, 05/06/2010 - 00:30

EP adopts "Enforcement of intellectual property" report.[05jun10]

On Tuesday, June 1st, the JURI committee of the European Parliament, adopted the Gallo report on the "Enforcement of intellectual property". As explained on La Quadrature du Net, this "ultra-repressive, dogmatic approach of a continued war against the sharing of cultural works over the Internet has prevailed in the JURI committee of the European Parliament."

Though the Gallo report is a non-legislative text, it shows that the Parliament may be unable to appreciate the need to reform copyright and its enforcement in a direction that serves the development of a creative economy and society. Whether or not the final report is adopted in its present form, citizens will express their views on the upcoming legislative projects and value policy makers who demonstrate their independence and forward thinking.

"The Gallo report shows how powerful the lobbying of a few anachronic industries can be on the European Parliament. Their influence on policy-making runs counter to the general interest and prevents the EP from exploring paths to a new creative economy. It must be offset in the next fights: the upcoming discussion of the ACTA agreement, the discussions on new criminal sanctions with the future revival of the IPRED2 directive, etc. Measures designed to enforce obsolete business models at the expense of fundamental freedoms won't bring any good to authors or to their public and must be continuously opposed", concludes Jérémie Zimmermann, spokesperson for citizen initiative La Quadrature du Net.

Read more at La Quadrature du Net.

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